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Q: Why the title “Find A Way” on that poster? Why not Find Your Way or Find The Way? Or, Some Way?

A: I wanted it to be open to as wide an interpretation as possible…Find The Way sounds like there’s only one way. Find Your Way sounds like there’s only one way for you. .. Some Way is not so bad; I might have considered that. Find A Way, to me, said there’s more than one way that will work for you, find one of them and get on with it. Kinda like the saying, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Whoever said that didn’t say “There’s YOUR way” nor “There’s THE way”, but “There’s A way”.

Q: On the "Ponder All Things" poster? Why Especially People”?

A: I said “Especially People” because ideas and philosophical concepts and Things lend themselves easily to thoughtful consideration, but, we don’t seem eager to give People that same depth of consideration…more like a surface analysis or evaluation based on appearance, initial greeting, handshake, etc., etc., very shallow factors at best…”Especially People” says, people deserve more consideration than we give abstract concepts and ideologies, if we are going to understand each other and develop any degree of empathy or sense of responsibility, as might have been implied by the question: ”Am I my brother’s keeper?” How can we consider someone as a friend or worthy of our friendship, or our condemnation, or support, if we have given their life very little thought ?

Q: On the "Life" poster, the line "for a limited time only" sounds so commercial; did you give that any thought before linking it with life in general, or life, specifically?

A: Great question. I actually got the idea for the poster as I was flipping through some flyers out of the newspaper. It just jumped out at me: FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY. And I immediately associated it with the brevity of our lives and with my own sense of urgency in trying to accomplish things, so it was something of a no-brainer to link it with "Life" for the poster. On a broader note, there are all kinds of things we should realize are available for a limited time only that are much more important than most of the things on which we see that claim: the opportunity to tell someone you care, to hold their hand, to apologize, to express our love for someone, to avail ourselves of someone's insights into life and benefit from their experiences, etc., etc. All of these are more important than the limited time of a sale price, a limited quantity of some material thing, etc., etc.For us in the older crowd, it is a mortality awareness gong, but I hope it means something to the young people too. Remember what Whittier said, "For all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, "It might have been."

Q: What were you thinking when you did the "Black and White Worlds" poster?

A: I wanted to show the interdependency of the races in the simplest way possible. The Black World is invisible if you use black lettering to define it just as the White World would be if white lettering had been used to define it. I have since thought that maybe I should have put a Gray World in between these two, but I have not thought through the meaning or implications of doing that --which does not mean I am a segregationist or anything, (people are quick to label everyone)--maybe it just means I think we should accept each other at the purest level and not require one of possibly many watered-down shades of gray.